FORGET Gallery Exhibit

DESIGN • PHOTOGRAPHY • SOCIAL MEDIA • When was the last time you took a walk out on a trail? What about the last time you updated your Facebook status?

Technology has made it readily available to communicate with those around us, whether it be in the room next door or on the other side of the world. These continuous advancements and overuse of electronic devices have widened the gap between the average time we spend going outside. Nowadays we are at a loss. We have gone from having actual physical confrontations with one another to video-chatting behind a screen at home. We constantly follow the latest trends and have the newest gadgets, mostly to impress those around us, many of whom we barely know.

FORGET is a body of work that explores the natural settings in metropolis San José, including urban public parks and trails. Each box has an 8’x8″ inkjet image. Within a cylindrical painted black shape, at the middle of the frame, encloses tangible elements from that specific scene and a letter from the word FORGET.

The world has so much beauty that needs to be experienced. Life is short and nothing lasts forever. Each photo stands as a reminder of our roots and where we’ve come from. Forget about killing time with your screen and DON’T FORGET to get out there!

Presented in San Jose State University Belcher Gallery, May 2015.

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